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The company Samsung – is one of the leaders in the modern electronics market. Refrigerators produced by Samsung are a real embodiment of the latest technologies.

Samsung french door refrigerator noise from fresh food compartment.

Samsung refrigerator making a rattling noise. When you open the door in fresh food section noise stops. Finally, the noise disappears and the temperature of the fresh food section rises up to ~60F. This is one of the most common problems with Samsung refrigerators. The main cause of rattling noise is the ice build-up on the evaporator and refrigerant pipes and fan blades starting to hit on the ice. During the time fan freezing up completely and temperature in fresh food section rise. This malfunction has several causes. It can be defrost heater failure, defrost thermostat failure, main PCB malfunction, defrost sensor failure, drain line clogged or frozen or evaporator cover deformed or/and lost tightness. We can properly diagnose root cause of malfunction and make an offer for repair.

Samsung french door dispenser/ice maker malfunction.

Water dripping from the dispenser, ice maker in fresh food compartment not making ice at all or ice chamber in the fresh food section is frozen up. This is one of the most common malfunctions for Samsung french door refrigerators. This malfunction has a lot of causes. Main of these causes: wrong design of ice maker itself, not sealed ice room, warm air infiltration from outside, inappropriate water pressure, clogged or frozen drain line, etc. Diagnostic and repair these malfunctions require highly-trained technicians. It can save you time and money. We have extensive experience with Samsung refrigerator problems troubleshooting. Call or set up an appointment online.

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