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Microwave is sparking or arcing

  • This problem begins to manifest itself due to untimely care of the microwave, traces of fat and food accumulate on the walls of the microwave and it starts to spark, all microwaves have a mica plate that is a dielectric, that is, a material through which any radio waves easily pass. For the mica is installed magnetron, with the help of which our food is heated. As a rule, when the microwave begins to spark, then the mica and the magnetron cup are burnt, but there are also cases when the magnetron itself breaks down, so if your microwave sparkled, do not turn it on any more, and replace the mica and Check the magnetron cap.
  • The paint on the inside of the microwave oven can be chamfered. If the paint is beveled, the inner metal will be opened, resulting in a microwave sparking or blowing. Check the inside of the microwave oven in any places where the paint has broken away. If there are damaged spots, touch them with the microwave oven’s paint.

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