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Microwave is loud or noisy

  • Rotary table.
    The small power of the electric motor of constant rotation of the turntable in the microwave oven is not uncommon for these motors, since they wear out with age.
    Sometimes the breakdown will be unexpected and the turntable will stop. But sometimes the engine starts to make strange noises, which indicate the impending trouble.
  • Failure of the exhaust fan.
    Like the rotary table, the exhaust fan is powered by a small motor that runs constantly. Sometimes the fan motor and the table are common. The failure of the electric motor of the fan often occurs suddenly, and sometimes they break down gradually, making some strange and unusual sounds in the process of work.
  • Malfunction of mixer motor.
    The mixer in your microwave oven is a small metal blade that continuously rotates, while the oven is running. The purpose of the mixer is to make sure that the microwave energy in the oven is evenly distributed. This helps to prevent uneven cooking or heating food.
    As with the exhaust fan and the turntable, the mixer motor breaks down gradually, producing unusual sounds during operation. The impending breakdown of the mixer motor can often be accompanied by a strange grinding noise.
  • Problems with the magnetron.
    Magnetron can be considered the heart of a microwave oven. It generates microwave radiation, which prepares food. This happens by converting electricity into microwave energy of the appropriate frequency.
    A good magnetron works almost silently. But as soon as the end of their working life comes to an end, they start to make strange sounds. The noise of a defective magnetron can range from a rather shrill howling to growling or rumbling.
    You should know that if the furnace magnetron has already begun to emit these noises, then this is not dangerous. But it is a sure sign of an impending breakdown. Call the wizard as soon as you start to notice these sounds, and he will help you avoid the failure of the microwave oven at an inconvenient time.

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