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How to keep a refrigerator in a good condition for a long time?

Advice on taking care of Appliances

Just any other appliance, a refrigerator likes to be taken care of. Today, a refrigerator is the very first object that should be present in any kitchen in any accommodation.

So, how we keep in a proper condition? Generally, refrigerators are very reliable and secure, yet they do require maintenance to keep working. The following must be done to prolong the refrigerator’s life:

  1. Once a year, clear/vacuum the condenser soil, shake the dust off the condenser fan.
  2. Once a year, wash the refrigerator with a disinfectant (after turning it off and unplugging it).
  3. Once every two years, turn the refrigerator off for 24 hours, so that it can ‘rest’.
  4. Once every two years, wash the door seal with warm, soapy water.
  5. Keep baking soda in the refrigerator at all time, so that it would absorb unpleasant smells.

Those simply tips will help your refrigerator live for a hundred years.

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