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Dryer Samsung Repair

Samsung dryer repair

Samsung laundry appliances are one of the most popular in our service area. We have extensive experience with the repair of Samsung dryers. Our professional technicians every week repair dozens of Samsung dryers.

Most common malfunction of Samsung dryer*:


Dryer Samsung not heating.

Usually, this is a bad fuse or heating element, occasionally, there are also more rare problems, such as damaged wiring harness or faulty electronics. 

But first check the power in the outlet, especially the 240 volts line.


Dryer Samsung not starting.

Pretty common problem. This is usually due to a broken belt or wears on the idler roller. In rare cases, this can be due to damage to the wiring harness or a malfunction of the electronic control unit. 


Squeaking sound or bumps when the Samsung dryer is running.

This malfunction may be due to wear on the support rollers or the idler roller. Also, overloading the dryer can result in cabinet noises.


The Samsung dryer does not finish the drying cycle and runs too long and overheats.

Quite a rare malfunction, but we met several times. Sometimes it occurs when the heating element sags and touches the metal case, or burns out and also touches the case. In rare cases, this is due to a failure of the electronic unit.


Before calling an appliance repair company, you can perform the following checks (or you can call us and our technician will glad to do that), check the power supply of your dryer (for a gas dryer 120 volts, for an electric dryer it should be 120 and 240 volts), check the lint screen, check the vent (turn on the dryer and go to the exhaust dryers), check if the gas is open (for a gas dryer).

We offer professional repair of Samsung dryers, most of the malfunction we can fix in the same day, and we provide a 6-month warranty for all our repairs. 


*This is not a DIY manual! In most cases, professional diagnostic and repair requirement.

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